Vendor Profiles


Ken and Kirstin Bisley
Amber Park Limousins
273 Marchfield Rd
Wingham   NSW  2429
Ph: (02) 6557 0266

Amber Park Limousins is a family owned & operated stud which was established in 1998. The stud has a long standing association with the Northern Limousin Breeders Sale which began in 2004. Our aim is to produce functional and versatile stock, capable of targeting a wide variety of markets. Amber Park breeding strategies incorporate the use of ET, AI and herd sires to produce quality apricot, black, polled and horned animals for show and sale. We are members of the Breedplan and Limousin Assurance programs, and encourage inspection of our stock. Feel free to contact us on 02 6557 0266 or

Phil & Barbara Bricknell
King Creek Limousins
Piallaway Road
Currububula  NSW  2342
Ph:  (02) 6768 9036

Northern Limousin Bull SaleKing Creek Stud was initially established on the Mid north coast at Wauchope in 1988, with half bred Limousin heifers of Red Angus and Red Poll backgrounds, pursuing poll genes , softness and milking traits in our base herd. These early families have been built onto by the use of AI, and specific outcross bloodlines both French and Australian Pure. Continually striving to breed Limousins of good temperament, structurally correct, maintain good growth for age, polledness suitable for Australian conditions and the commercial cattlemen. Having moved to our present location at Currabubula in late 1997, we have been involved in the Scone Limousin Sale continuously for the past 14 years. Visitor inspections are always welcome.

B.S and A.A Cummings
Blue Wren Park Limousins
P.O. Box 96
Denman  NSW  2328
Ph:  (02)  6547 5138

Blue Wren Park was established in 1997.  We have been working with a mix of pure and full French cattle as to keep a high percentage of French blood in both black and red Limousin with high docility.  New genetics and out cross bulls are used in our herd for sound confirmation, good feed conversion and high weaning weights.

Matt & Jen Friend
Froghollow Limousins
“Rose Valley”
Black Mountain  NSW  2365
Ph:  (02)  6775 0138

Froghollow Limousin Stud was founded in 1996 by Matthew and Jenny Friend. The breeding program initially aimed to produce homozygous black and homozygous polled cattle that mother, milk and finish early.  We have over the years incorporated both black and apricot cattle with the same breeding criteria to meet market requirements. Through a combination of natural joinings and artificial breeding technologies, we utilise the best genetics available to produce the cattle you see today. All cattle are Breedplan® recorded and Froghollow is a member of the Limousin Assurance Program. Contacts (02) 67750138, 0427 008805 or

John Hipwell
Sherma Limousins                                         
424 Dyrring Road
Singleton  NSW  2330

Ph: (02) 6572 4230


We purchased our first “cross bred” limousin females in 1989. With the use of AI and other females purchased, we saw rapid improvements.
In 2005 we introduced some females from other quality herds which we have selectively flushed.
Our focus now is to improve the polled line within Sherma Limousines to further meet the demands of current day vealer sire requirements.
The majority of our breeding stock are bred in hilly country so their soundness and ability to forage is of paramount importance

Terence Joy
Riviere Vue Limousins
Whitefalls Lane
Singleton  NSW  2330
Ph:  (02) 6572 1462


Dean and Charmaine Kesby
Brigalow Limousins                           
Kerr Subdivision Road
Duri  NSW  2344
Ph:  (02) 6760 4106


Brigalow Limousins was established in 1988, and we have been involved in the Northern Limousin Breeders Sale since its commencement as a foundation vendor. We aim to produce earlier to mid maturing bulls suitable for producing animals with excellent muscling and finishing ability to suit most markets. Progeny from Brigalow bulls continue to have considerable success in carcass competitions including Broad ribbons at Royal Shows both in NSW and Qld. Brigalow will always continue to have the commercial cattleman in mind with an increasing emphasis on moving towards polled cattle while keeping our high yielding carcase attributes.

Manali Limousins
J & L MacCallum
P O Box 30
Scone  NSW  2337
Ph:  (02) 6545 7292

Manali Limousin is a family owned and operated seed-stock and commercial cattle business. Established in 2005 after the complete purchase of Turanville Limousins, this formed the foundation of our seed-stock breeding program which complimented an already successful Limousin infused commercial operation. Since then stud principle Jim MacCallum has made several trips to the USA and has imported semen and embryo’s from Coleman Limousin Ranch, Montana. The aim at Manali is to produce predictable, fertile, easy finishing cattle with a focus on Docility. Manali offer purebred Limousin, Lim-Flex, red/black and polled/horned bulls for sale. We are proud to show visitors the result of our extensive hard work on-property an any time.

F, R & Z McGilchrist
Back Creek Limousins
905 Wallabadah Creek Road
Wallabadah  NSW  2343
Ph:  (02) 6746 5549

Back Creek Limousins was established by Junior Members Fergus McGilchrist, and his twin sisters Ruby & Zoe (FRZ). They run a small stud of registered females which are run on their grandparents property at Wallabadah. The main aim is to develop an appreciation of the limousin breed and breed some quality animals in the process.

Quirindi High School
The Hird Limousins
Hill Street
Quirindi  NSW  2343
Ph:  (02) 6746 1177

The pure limousin cattle that are bred at Quirindi High School are bred for quality, docility and muscularity. They have a high standard of muscle coverage and an above average docility score. They have had experience working with school children on a regular basis and are used to regular handling.

Patrick and Kathy Ryan
Meriden Limousins                               
Flight Springs Road
Merriwa  NSW  2329
Ph:  (02) 6548 5090

Meriden Limousin had its genesis in the commercial operation of Meriden Pastoral Company joining Limousin terminal sires to a 400 head commercial herd of British/Euro cross cows.  That is from a solid commercial foundation, based for the commercial producer. With foundation cows based on Donna Valley bloodlines, our herd has been rapidly supplemented via extensive AI and Embryo Transfer programs, sourced both locally and internationally. Meriden Limousin focuses on producing soft easy doing cattle, with good muscle and adequate fat cover.  We value high performance, productive and sound cattle.  We achieve this aim utilising the latest in genotyping evidence via a comprehensive Breedplan program, backed up by good old fashioned phenotype analysis. We offer Purebred/French Pure, Apricot/Black and Polled/Horned cattle.  Meriden Limousin has the leading edge genetics to ensure your success and bolster your bottom line.

Andrea & Jerome Simpson
River View Limousin Stud
P.O. Box 988
Armidale  NSW 2350
Ph: (02) 6771 1220

RiverView Black Limousin Stud originated in 1999 at the Junior Limousin Classic held in Armidale, where I was the fortunate recipient of the herdsman of the year award kindly donated by Donna Valley Limousin Stud.  A Beautiful Homozygous Black Heifer who has been the foundation of our stud. Our stud is based on excellent docility, structural correctness, growth for age and great muscle development.  These are the traits we pride our stud on.

Ray & Christine Vlietstra
Raystine Limousins                           
26 Spoonbill Place
Albion Park Rail  NSW  2527
Ph:  (02) 4257 1206

We have been involved with Limousins since the early 90’s; initially with Birubi, then purchasing our first Limousin female in 1994. Our foundation cows were French Pure however we quickly realised their shortcomings with regard to temperament and horns. We have since solely used polled, apricot and black bulls with above average docility EBV’s. Our aim is to produce bulls with traditional Limousin muscling, in an early maturing package. Acceptable docility is essential in both our bulls and particularly our replacement females. We are ever mindful of the traits of calving ease and high carcase yield which are expected of Limousin cattle.
We are proud to have been accepted as vendors in the Northern Limousin Breeders Sale (Scone) since 2006.

Ray and Christine Vlietstra, (02) 42571206   0413 112400